Friday, 7 August 2015

Winner of Art Competetion

Winner of 2014 Interest Hunt Program

Mohini yadav

Class 10

She got the first prize in art field.

 Medal  + Certificate of merit and other consolation prizes

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Interest Hunt Program

Interest Hunt Program organized by Memory Crofter Organization is very essential in this era of competition as everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves. No one should be lacking behind so as to search the inert talents of the students in various fields like Art, Painting,vocabulary, logo designing and many other fields. This program will be very beneficial for those who wants to prove themselves. So for their benefit and satisfaction this program will be held in the school itself. This is an inter school program which is not to affect the child but is to remove the defects and motivate them. By this competition their strength and confidence will reach to the peak.  

Thanking You
That’s all about the INTEREST HUNT PROGRAM.
I hope you have got the relevant information regarding this program.
Thanks for your Attention.